The  Dark  Side  of  Snow  White

Aniko redesigned the expression of the Austrian Dirndl as the initial point of this fashion brand.
Snow White can be so wicked!
The Dark Side of Snow White is a stylish ride between gothic Glamour, romantic Fantasy, the power of Rock and the sweetness of an Austrian Dirndl.
The Dirndl turned into an urban must-have.

The uncommon look for everyday life.
The Dirndl is the most feminine garment, reshaping a woman's body with a corset and a wide swinging skirt.
Camouflage meets tulle. Martial and lovely.
Cool leather in a used look with rivets for stylish details.
White as snow, red as blood and black as ebony with a touch of silver...
Sweet as candy and hot as chilly pepper - Chili Candy!