Anikos new interpretation of the Austrian Dirndl, the most feminine garment sculpting a womans body with a corselet and a wide swinging skirt, was the initial point of this collection.
The result is wicked Snow Whites Look.
White as snow, red as blood and black as ebony with a touch of silver…
Sweet as candy and hot as chilly pepper. Chili Candy!
A game of styles between Fantasy, Rock, a touch of glamorous Gothic and the most traditional Austrian garment – the Dirndl – which turns into an urban must have.
 Camouflage meets tulle. Martial and lovely. The classic details of the Austrian look become provocative but stay girly. Leather appeares cool or in a used look with rivets.
The uncommon look for every days life.

FASHION as Entertainment. Customize your Style!

Fashion is back to Inspiration!
Creating fashion is a game with styles, colours, shapes, garments and details. Tapping into creative combinations without end. Building on the aesthetics and sense of style of the collection FRINGES !! by Aniko Smart Couture.

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